Sear Air Space - The Navy League's Global Maritime Exposition

April 6 - 8, 2020
Gaylord National Convention Center
National Harbor, Maryland

Produced by

Navy League of the United States

Sea Air Space

Bus Schedules

The Navy League is providing buses for service members and employees of military bases throughout Sea-Air-Space. Buses will be available from the Pentagon, the U.S. Coast Guard Yard, Bolling Air Force Base, Naval Research Laboratories, Patuxent River Naval Base, Mechanicsburg, Dahlgren, Quantico and NSWC Indian Head. 

Navy Yard

Navy Yard Stop 1 Navy Yard Stop 2 Gaylord National
M St. at Isaac Hull Gate N St. at the N St. Gate Departure Times
7:30AM 7:31AM 10:00AM
8:00AM 8:01AM 10:30AM
8:30AM 8:31AM 11:00AM
9:00AM 9:01AM 11:30AM
9:30AM 9:31AM 12:00PM
10:00AM 10:01AM 1:30PM
10:30AM 10:31AM 2:00PM
11:00AM 11:01AM 2:30PM
11:30AM 11:31AM 3:00PM
12:00PM 12:01PM 3:30PM
1:30PM 1:31PM 4:00PM
2:00PM 2:01PM 4:30PM
2:30PM 2:31PM

Crystal City to Gaylord

Crystal City Stop 1 Crystal City Stop 2 Crystal City Stop 3 Gaylord National
2451 Crystal Dr. CM-3, Across Crystal Dr. at 18th St. corner Across 14th St. at Crowne Plaza Crosswalk Departure Times
7:30AM 7:32AM 7:34AM 11:15AM
9:00AM 9:02AM 9:04AM 1:30PM
10:30AM 10:32AM 10:34AM 3:00PM
12:00PM 12:02PM 12:04PM 4:30PM


Pentagon Gaylord National
Departure Times Departure Times
9:45AM 10:30AM
10:15AM 11:00AM
11:15AM 12:00PM
11:45AM 1:30PM

U.S Coast Guard Headquarters, Bolling Air Force Base & Naval Research Laboratories

USCG HQ Stop JBAB Stop NRL Stop Gaylord National
Bus bays near Gate #4 Anacostia Gate at Malcolm X Blvd 4555 Overlook Ave Gate Departure Times
7:30AM 7:33AM 7:36AM 11:00 AM
8:30AM 8:33AM 8:36AM 12:00 PM
9:30AM 9:33AM 9:36AM 2:00PM
10:30AM 10:33AM 10:36AM 3:00PM
11:30AM 11:33AM 11:36AM 4:00PM
1:30PM 1:33PM 1:36PM
2:30PM 2:33PM 2:36PM

Special Services Schedule

Patuxent River Naval Base
Gaylord National
Frank Knox Building 2189 Arrival Time Departure Time
7:30AM ONLY 9:30AM 2:30PM
(Tuesday only)
Gaylord National
Mechanicsburg Depot Building 309 Arrival Time Departure Time
7:00AM 9:30AM 2:30PM
Dahlgren (Monday-Wednesday) Gaylord National
Building #1470 Building #180 Arrival Time Departure Time
7:30AM 7:45AM 9:00AM 2:30PM
Quantico (Monday-Wednesday) Gaylord National
MARCOR Systems (Lester St.) Arrival Time Departure Time
7:45AM 9:00AM 3:00PM
NSWC INDIAN HEAD Gaylord National
Location TBD Arrival Time Departure Time
9:00AM 10:00AM 3:30PM


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